SCH-Legal 2023 Annual Meeting was held

At the meeting hosted by SCH-Legal’s Ankara office, department heads, senior lawyers, and partners reviewed activities of 2023 and set targets for 2024. This assembly involved professionals specialized in various fields, focusing on strategizing and planning for the upcoming year.

Following opening speeches by SCH-Legal Managing Partners Av. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hasan Karslıoğlu, Av. Cengiz Aydemir, LL.M, and Av. Dr. Sertel Şıracı, regional and departmental evaluations were conducted. The event featured executive lawyers sharing data for 2023 and discussing targets for 2024, followed by sharing information on products and recent developments in the industry for the upcoming year.

During the two-day event, discussions on CRM, productivity, and other technical infrastructure were held, alongside evaluations of the latest developments in SCH Legal Academy and Journal Studies, and updates on the office’s legaltech initiative, Legalmatic.

The two-day event concluded with the SCH Legal team hopeful for meeting larger goals and greater successes in 2024, inspired by the strength of unity and collaboration.


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