Preventive Consulting, Quick Response.

Consultancy and Litigation

We are here to assist you with dispute resolutions that require experience and strategy.

We are sitting at the next table to the human resources department.

We are here to guide you in creating, reviewing, and negotiating contracts.

Tax Law

Our team consists of lawyers and financial advisors who are well-versed in all the details.

We are one of the most expert teams in Turkey

Technology, Personal Data Protection
Law and Intellectual Property.

We were already within the data protection law before the law was enacted, and our references are strong.

We take start-ups seriously. We come from the future with our experience.

We are a team that resembles legal and engineering experts.

We are experts in the preservation of works and the freedom of inspiration.

Expert solutions for special needs

Special Projects in Commercial Law

We are a guiding force for companies to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

We are strong and experienced in dealing with the opposing party while protecting the best interests of our client.

We, together with our team of expert lawyers at SCH-Legal, can provide guidance to ensure that your competitive measures are in compliance with the law.

We develop and implement the most effective strategy, establish and manage the most profitable structure from the beginning to the end.


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