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Merge&Acquisition and Due Diligence

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Merge&Acquisition ve Due Diligence

We are strong and experienced in dealing with the other party while protecting the interests of our client.

SCH-Legal provides all kinds of legal support to its local and foreign clients in order to successfully complete merger and acquisition transactions.

This includes the preparation of letters of intent, confidentiality and exclusivity agreements during the negotiation process, conducting a detailed examination to properly understand the target company through the due diligence process, preparing share transfer agreements for the transfer of the target company’s shares at the end of the negotiation process, and preparing contracts such as shareholder agreements, escrow agreements, and share pledge agreements to ensure the success of each merger and acquisition transaction by addressing individual needs.

We also complete procedures such as obtaining permits and approvals from regulatory and supervisory organizations.

We make the legal rights and wrongs in businesses visible.

In the application called Due Diligence, a process of examining and reporting a company’s entire lines of business can be defined. This process, which is generally referred to as Due Diligence, results in a summary of all aspects of the company under review. With the report prepared from the examination, both investors and partners can obtain a report reflecting the company’s current state.

In many investment processes such as mergers and acquisitions, this report is prepared for the purpose of revealing the true value of the company. The financial and legal structure of the company is evaluated, and the risks are reported. This special legal examination report is a critical document for both parties, regardless of whether they are the company receiving investments or the one investing.

The report is a text that reveals the company’s structure by examining all legal documents related to commercial law, including the company’s articles of association, registry records, general assembly and board of directors decisions, contracts the company is party to, assets, documents related to employees and employment contracts.

As SCH-Legal, we have been actively providing legal consultancy services, including preparing detailed legal examination reports for domestic and foreign clients for almost 20 years, with our extensive professional team. In this context, we offer our clients the best solutions to prepare the detailed legal examination report accurately and reveal all risks professionally.